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Brony's Beachfront

Welcome to Brony's Beachfront in Plimmerton, Porirua, Wellington.

This 125-year-old iconic homestay named Exnells is a favourite for beach lovers, yes, we have our own Beach access and for those of you who want to experience staying or living in a heritage listed property without all the mod cons then come and stay. Check out the house history in explore.

We are only a 20 min train ride from Wellington. 2024 only has 2 rooms available for short stays, the others are fully booked.

If you are travelling to the Wairarapa checkout Turret House Villa (full2 bed house) or Magnolia House rooms for rent. I now live and run these with Ali who lives onsite in Plimmerton.

I handle bookings for the 3 properties so it's me, Bronwyn you will talk to.

You will need to text or call me because we are busy busy, busy!! Remember to tell me which area you are wanting, Plimmerton or Featherston

+64 21 642 204

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