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Boarding houses description.

In a boarding house, a tenant rents a room, rather than the whole house. They share facilities such as the kitchen and bathroom with the other tenants. A boarding house is occupied, or intended to be occupied, by at least six tenants at any time.

Brony's Beachfront is allowed to have up to 8 at any one time.

There may be short term bookings where visitors stay anywhere from 1 night to 7.

The landlord of a boarding house is allowed to make house rules. These set out how the boarding house can be used and enjoyed, and what services will be provided. The landlord can change the rules at any time but must give each tenant at least seven days’ written notice of the new rules.



As a boarder you are required to keep your room clean and do your own dishes.

The cleaner is responsible for cleaning of all common areas including kitchen, bathroom, toilets, lounges and laundry. All cleaning products are supplied.

The paths and decks are to be regularly swept.

At your request the cleaner is happy to vacuum your room.

Each week , you strip your bed and you will be provided with a clean pair to make your bed.



    2 weeks deposit required of 10 week booking followed by -

  • Pay the agreed rent 1 week in advance after the first 2 weeks deposit unless otherwise agreed

  • Unless prior agreement given, minimum stay is 10 weeks – stays that are less than 10 weeks will go the Casual weekly rate.

  • Pay any applicable charges/rent directly into the account provided.

  • Overdue rent payments may start the eviction process

  • King Single room is $285 per week

  • Queen rooms are $340 per week.

  • No guests are allowed in tenants room after 11pm or before 7am unless by prior arrangement

  • Bronwyn understands that tenants may have a partner or child who would like to stay the occasional night. This is determined on a case by case arrangement. Please note other Boarding Houses charge extra nightly fees for guests. Minimum $35 per night.

  • If the landlord wants to increase the rent, they must give the tenant at least 28 days’ notice in writing. The rent can’t be increased within 180 days of the beginning of the tenancy or within 180 days of the last rent.   


  • Notice to vacate to be a minimum of 2 week prior to leaving – failure to do so may mean you are charged a week’s rent

  • To leave your room clean and tidy. You are responsible for the rent being paid until all keys are returned.

  • Provide the correct bank account details when you vacate the room so bond (only if more than one week has been paid by negotiation) can be paid directly in to your bank account. Please note; we won’t pay bond in cash. Please allow 10 working days for the money to clear in to your account.


  • The Resident is responsible for the behaviour/ conduct of their guests whilst on the property

  • Only people whose names appear on the contract may live at the premises.

  • Short stay guests will pay the discounted nightly rate. For everyone’s safety, it is important we know who is in the building overnight.

  • No parties or excessive noise at any time. All tenants are entitled to quiet enjoyment of their home

  • Tenants involved in fighting will be evicted

  • Harassment of any form will not be tolerated and may result in immediate eviction

  • All tenants must be respectful of other people’s property.


  • The residents shall accept responsibility for their room and all its contents

  • Boarding House policy is that no private furniture be brought into the boarding house without approval from Bronwyn. Only the supplied Mattresses, beds and furniture are permitted in the building and rooms. Supplied mattress protectors are mandatory.

  • Rooms are to be kept in a clean and tidy condition. If you need extra help please ask the housekeeper.

  • All fittings, furnishings and chattels must be maintained in a good, sound condition

  • You may be liable for the repairs or replacement of any damage you cause

  • The resident shall not paint, deface, or make any alterations to the rooms

  • Permission must be received from Bronwyn prior to attaching anything to the walls

  • Pets are not allowed as there is already 2 cats belonging to the landlord.


  • Communal areas are defined as all areas that tenants have access to that is not a bedroom

  • Please do not leave cooking unattended in kitchens.

  • Please keep all communal areas tidy Eg wash and put away dishes/pots etc ready for the next person

  • No cooking in rooms.

  • Personal property that is left in the communal areas is left at your own risk

  • Lost property not claimed within 48 hours will be disposed of.


  • Tenants vehicles can be parked on Bath St. First in first served basis.


  • Intoxication or excessive drinking is breach of other tenant’s quiet enjoyment

  • Drugs and any other illegal substances are prohibited on the premises. If any drugs are suspected, the police will be informed immediately

  • Smoking/ e-cigarettes or vaping is not permitted anywhere inside the buildings. Smoking is permitted in the outdoor areas. Butts and ash must be disposed of by the smoker.

  • Any illegal activities, suspected or known to occur on the property will be reported to the police.



  • If you get locked out the boarding house or your room and need let back in call Bronwyn.

  • If you lose your keys for the boarding house, then replacements costs apply

  • You are responsible for your own personal property


  • Be courteous of fellow tenants, the communal items are there for everyone’s use and enjoyment. I.e. At meal times, everyone is trying to cook please share items and offer up space, don’t hog the TV etc.


  • You will get 24 hours’ notice via text message/email of management requiring access to your room. Please let us know if your contact details change during your tenancy

  • Access may be required for maintenance or inspections or safety checks.

  • If you wish to be present during the access, then please let management know in advance so a specific time can be arranged.


A copy of the rules are displayed in the boarding house. They are also found in each folder in the rooms.

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